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The Holistic Health Care Resource for Horses

Equine Natural Health

Despite the financial gloom and doom around us, Equine Natural Health has continued to grow and expand in content. Alternative and complementary health care for horses remains popular amongst horse owners and trainers.

Courses for 2017

Visit our updated Courses page with much activity planned throughout 2017. There are courses to suit all abilities, some being taster courses over a weekend for the horse owner, others being professional courses leading to registration and a career as an equine health practitioner. Now is the time to follow your interest in complementary health for horses. Browse our Courses page.

The Guide to Equine Therapists in the UK

We list only reputable therapists and associations with recognised qualifications.

We welcome articles and ideas from equine therapists for the site. Do you have an article for us?

Equine Natural Health is one of the very few equine websites with original fresh content that has not been syndicated around to numerous spammy web sites. Having experienced the frustration of finding the same article repeated and repeated in the search engine listings, we have endeavoured to keep Equine Natural Health free of syndicated articles. Be assured we endeavour to have original content at all times. The Search engines appreciate our efforts and list us prominently on page one for major equestrian and equine keywords.

Equine Health Books

Alternative health books for horses are featured on our Books page. The books have been carefully selected and reviewed by our therapists. Many new titles have been added extending the section into 2 pages of books on horse health. Our associate Amazon Books UK stocks all our books at very competitive prices, offering many good quality second hand books. Take a peep at our Books page

Free Listings in Equine Natural Health

We continue to provide free listings in the Guide to Equine Therapists in the UK, to promote alternative/complementary health for horses. To add a listing go to our Contacts page.

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