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We offer advice on feeding herbs to horses, plants poisonous to horses, nutrition, the medicinal qualities of individual herbs, training as a therapist and other topics relevant to alternative health practices for horses

Our medical herbalist, Suzanne Woodward DBTh MRH, MURHP will answer your questions on hedgerow herbs and common herbs used for feeding horses. Suzanne has spent more than ten years researching herbs suitable for feeding to horses. Using this information, a range of feed supplements safe for feeding to horses was developed. The products are available from The Equine Herbalist at Epona Herbs.

We recommend investing in an illustrated modern botancial dictionary, such as Cassell's Wild Flowers of Britain and Northern Europe available from Amazon Books seen on the right. This will ensure correct identification of hedgerow herbs and common wild flowers, many being beneficial to horses and some being toxic to horses.

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hesta the junkie

Read the amusing yet scary story of "Hesta the Junkie" hooked on juicy young fennel shoots. See Is Fennel poisonous?

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